about me!

- about me, a minimalist and an illustrator... and a lot more

Who am I? I'm, as the title points out, an illustrator but more than just a normal illustrator. But lets talk about me first, the person behind the drawings and whatever I create. I'm Elin Lövgren and I live in Sweden. Beside drawing a lot I also love to gym, play around with my two rats and watch/listen to documentaries. But at the weekends - it's roleplay time! Roleplay as in Dungeons and Dragons, like what the cool adult would do at a weekend. Other than that I'm normal girl, enjoying good games and food. I also love to play around with photos and plants.

more than one skill

I said I was more than just an illustrator, but what more do you need in life than a pen? A good skill is to make your own homepage where you can store your art, of course! Like a portfolio. I might not be the best programmer but I would say the same with drawing. I'm not the best artist but that gives me the opportunity to have a need to keep getting better, try new tools and grow.

I've study informativ design for three years, and webdevelopment for one year. It's the perfect combination! So, to make it easier to show what skills I have achieved I'll visualize that for you:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe After Effects
UX & UI design
lets jump to the fun part

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Portfolio here! Pictures will be here soon.